Los Angeles

City of Angels, called by many, is definitely a place you want to visit. It is one of the most glamorous places on the entire planet, a cultural mecca. It is a city of dreams, magic, show business, and entertainment. With a climate similar to the Mediterranean it is a perfect place for a living, so it makes sense that it is the second most populated city in the US after New York City and third in North America. Los Angeles City counts 8 districts: Downtown, Eastside, Harbor Area, Hollywood, San Fernando Valley, South Central, Westside, Wilshire. The population of Los Angeles City is approximately 4 million people. Los Angeles County counts 88 cities with Los Angeles City being the biggest one, and other famous cities are Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Long Beach, Pasadena, and Santa Monica. Los Angeles Five County area counts more than 18 million people and Counties are Los Angeles, Riverside, Ventura, Orange, and San Bernardino.

Los Angeles City is a great city, but it is a sister city to some of the greatest cities in the world. Visiting just LA and sister cities would be definitely an adventure of the lifetime, the list is truly impressive. Imagine walking in the remaining’s of the ancient Acropolis in Athens, visiting Berlin, or drinking best wines in the Bordeaux. You could go island hopping from Split in Croatia and discover Mediterranean beauties like the Blue Cave on Bisevo Island. You might have hear about it already, since it’s often mentioned as a must see attraction, but you probably don’t know much more about it? Well, if that’s the case – go ahead and read in-depth review of Blue Cave Croatia here. After that you could go to the pyramids in Giza, Mumbai in India, Jakarta in Indonesia, Makati in the Philippines, or even to Nagoya in Japan.    


Westwood is a residential and commercial neighborhood in the Westside region of Los Angeles. It is a nice location if you choose to live here because you have many great places and exciting locations nearby. On the Northside you have Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and many parks like Westridge-Canyonback Wilderness Park. On the South, you have worldwide famous Venice beach, Marina del Rey, Santa Monica, and LAX international airport. On the East is LA Downtown and on the West, you can get to the Malibu beach.

Best things about Westwood

Westwood is a mix of upscale neighborhood and college town as it is a home of the UCLA. It definitely has an interesting vibe since is bordering with Beverly Hills, and Sunset Boulevard. Neighborhoods of the Westwood are Westwood Village, a historical landmark of the LA built-in 1928 by the Jenss family, Holmby Hills that makes the ‘Platinum Triangle’ of the Los Angeles with Bel Air and Beverly Hills, and North Westwood Village that is mostly residential neighborhood where many UCLA students reside.


It is one of the best higher education institutions in the entire US. Students from all 50 states and 100 countries of the World are trying to become a freshman of this University, and they receive more than 135,000 freshmen applications a year. It is a highly valued college for both value and excellence. They offer more than 120 majors and over 90 minors; top majors are biology, political science, business economics, psychology, and psychobiology. Interesting thing is that more than half of the students receive some form of financial help. Students of UCLA are participating in more than 1000 clubs and organizations on campus, where most of the freshman lives. Bruin Bash is their favorite happening of the year as it is a way to start the new academic year with some of the best performers in the US. UCLA football team is Bruins, also known as the Cubs, with true blue and gold colors representing the state’s ocean and wildflowers. The most notable UCLA athlete’s alumni are Jackie Robinson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Reggie Miller, Russell Westbrook, Trevor Ariza, Baron Davis, Zach LaVine, and Kevin Love.


Fox Theater and theaters tower is one of the most iconic places in Los Angeles, standing as a reminder of some good old days in cinematic history. Shining Fox sign on top of the tower is one of the most popular touristic destinations in the city. The red carpet is part of the decor of the studio as it is hosting movie premiers through decades, but when it’s not used for premiers and Hollywood celebrities it is hosting several showtimes a day so you can enjoy the glamour of the studio.


There are two museums in the Westwood and each is a story of its own. Those are Hammer Museum and Fowler Museum.

Hammer Museum

If you are modern artwork, but with some classic as well then Hammer Museum is a great choice for you. It is considered to be one of the best LA art museums with many exhibits, talks, and films. Admission for the public is free, so it is a great place to visit especially if you enjoy interactive exhibits.

Fowler Museum

Unlike the Hammer Museum, this museum is a more global art museum. It has works of art from the Americas, Asia, and Africa. Museum also offers many exhibits, art workshops, musical performances, lectures, and it is located on UCLA’s campus. While you are still on the campus you can also visit UCLA Planetarium where you can do telescope viewing or enjoy planetarium shows.


Westwood is definitely a place of good restaurants, brunch spots, coffee shops, breweries, and dessert eateries. The instructions are easy, just walking through Westwood Boulevard or head straight to Westwood Village and you cannot miss. Here you will find any food your belly desire, from top burgers, best sushi to upscale restaurants. Some of the best places that you should look for in the Westwood are Pomodoro Trattoria, Skylight Gardens, Broxton Brewery, and Public House, CAVA, TLT Food, Fresh Corn Grill, Napa Valley Grille, BIBIBop Asian Grill, Kalbis Grill, and La Bruschetta Ristorante.


Westwood is a unique place for living in Los Angeles, as it attracts a unique crowd of people from showbiz professionals, students, and regular locals to celebrities. Architecture is interesting because you can find a large variety of upscale homes, apartment buildings, townhomes, and high rise buildings. Because of UCLA a lot of homes are rented to students and a lot of homes are listed for sale. The best thing about Westwood Village is that it is pedestrian-friendly, which is specific for a city like Los Angeles. The whole community worked on that project for years, so it is nice to see a lot of pedestrians, bikes, electric scooters, and less traffic on the streets. The neighborhood is not only pedestrian but also, family-friendly regardless of having a big college in it. There are many great public schools close to Westwood, parks, and family attractions. Westwood residents have easy access to nature; they can get to the beach or a mountain within minutes! Santa Monica and Malibu are perfect places to spend a day on the beach, but for those that don’t prefer the ocean, there are Santa Monica Mountains where you can go hiking or camping. Definitely a great place to live if you want to have an outdoor activity ‘in the back yard’ but also have neighborhood parks like Westwood Park and Westwood Recreation Center.