Our hearts were broken when we found out that this place is getting closed. It’s just life, some things have to go and we need to know how to let them go. This was a restaurant, so why being so dramatic? Well, that statement is true this was just a restaurant and business like any other but for us, it was a place of nice memories.

We end up visiting this place accidentally, we were sick of eating pizzas and burgers so we decided to go ‘fancy’ and ended up in Soleil. We honestly didn’t know what we ordered and the whole experience was fun but a little embarrassing since we acted like a bunch of clowns in here. We thought that we were cool, grown men living the life, but we weren’t men as we thought we were, we were just kids that went to college. We looked around and saw our possible future, grown-up world, a world that we want to be a part of. We wanted to make something out of our lives, be successful, make our parents proud but we didn’t know how. By the time we learned, we grew, we developed as adults. We did usual college days crazy stuff but Soleil became our tradition. Every Sunday we went there, recap our week, talked and laughed, we were creating a bond of friendship that can never be broken. When we finished our college days we have decided to meet once a year, in Soleil, on the first Sunday of October to celebrate our friendship and life in general. This place has a special place in our hearts, we truly enjoyed the moments that we spent here.

The food at Soleil was amazing, from omelets to crepes, delicious stakes to crispy thin french fries we did not find a single dish that we didn’t like. Service was so great that we felt like we are having dinner at our home, this place was home far away from home for us. Thank you, Soleil for the special bond that you have created!